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There is something truly tactile about a feather whether it is a feather for flight or down for warmth. In many respects, feathers have never been out of fashion but there is no doubt that they are proving to be exceedingly popular at this current time. Typical items that are often adorned with feathery tips include Venetian masks, stole, boas, jackets, hats and fringes.

Feather online stores take one of nature’s many miracles and uses feathers in all many of ways. Of course, throughout history people have adorned their garb with down and until about two hundred years ago, feather quills use as pens, hence the penknife which used to carve a nib.

Today, it’s important to only use plumage from birds that are not in any way endangered and are preferably farmed. Typical examples of birds from which feathers are extremely popular are pheasants, ostriches, peacocks, geese, guinea fowl, chickens and turkeys. Protected birds such as Birds of Paradise offer beautifully soft plumes which are now expertly imitated and often turned into fake feather boas. Pretend feathers can feel incredibly real and are usually dyed into a multitude of colours.

A particularly popular bird is the guinea fowl which tastes as good as its plumage looks. Often the ultra soft guinea fowl down is used to adorn accessories such as items of jewellery. In stark contrast is peacock feather which is truly magnificent and have a beady eye design which complements many flower arrangements.

Feather fringes can be devastatingly attractive whether fringing headwear or fringing an outfit. Plumage from a variety of birds ensures that feather fringes look good with each one being entirely unique. The breeds of birds whose plumes make for fabulous fringes include goose coquette, golden pheasant, turkey, mallard, guinea fowl and ostrich.

Pheasant plumes make for ideal soft fringing which feels delightfully delicate against the skin. Natural pheasant feather patterns and shades look good but do vary in style depending on the breed of pheasant. Another incredibly soft plumes is the down of the Marabou Guillet, which is so light; a mere exhaling of breath can send it on its way. It is the type of delicately soft down that often adorns bridal gowns; even though it is phenomenally delicate it can be dyed to match a wedding dress whether the bride is wearing ivory, cream or white.

If you fancy a feather look a number of online stores from which you can buy packs of plumes and feathered accessories and feathered clothing. A feathered jacket will always excite attention and unlike leather it is incredibly light and very warming, useful if shoulders are bare on a cool winter’s evening.