Buying Jewellery Online

Many people are apprehensive about purchasing personal gifts such as jewellery online, being able to physically see the product being often the preference. There is also still a degree of apprehension around security and the reputability of the online jewellery company you are dealing with. This article will explain why when searching for a special gift for a loved one or specifically looking for a beautiful new piece of jewellery you should turn to online stores and what you should look out for.

The single most important factor of purchasing from an online jewellery store is price! Most web only companies do not have the overheads of brick and mortar stores; you will often find designer brands or specialist items with large genuine cost savings from these retailers, an online jewellery store is able to pass on savings they make from lower overheads direct to the consumer meaning you benefit!

When buying jewellery online you need to ensure that the store you are purchasing from has some fundamental things in place.
1) A contact form
2) A published returns policy
3) Privacy policy
4) SSL security in place

The third point is the most important! SSL stands for secure socket layer. You will notice when you process payments online your web browser displays a padlock, this padlock indicates that your payment and card details are protected. Never purchase from any online jewellery store that does not have the padlock symbol on their checkout pages!

The next thing to understand from your selected store is if the jewellery is made by the owner, if so this indicates that they are a much smaller operation, this might make returns a little more risky if they are selling direct. My recommendation if you were looking for handcrafted items would be to use one of many large online companies dedicated to offering small one man band jewellery designers a platform to selling, that or of course eBay is an excellent source of handcrafted jewellery with all the protection of a major brand behind it.

The best thing about buying jewellery online is that it is so convenient! If the online retailer has the right software in place you can view the items in great detail, often in more detail than in person (unless you take a magnifying glass!). With the right packaging and gift wrapping selected, the right item chosen you can simply sit back and wait for your selected item to arrive from the comfort of your own home!

Useful Advice for Buying Jewellery Online and How to Avoid Getting Ripped Off

So…. you want to buy jewellery over the internet?

You can get some really great deals by purchasing jewellery online.
Gold and precious stones are very expensive to purchase in New Zealand (and indeed many countries), and you’ll find there are some great wholesale stores online, where the jewels are a fraction of the retail cost.

If you are looking to buy check out our directory for a good range ( There are some fantastic shops that ship to New Zealand. I can assure you – once you find the right ones, you will never go back to shopping offline again – the selection and prices are fantastic.

But…. there are also some really awful buys online as well.

I was looking to buy some products to resell earlier this year and thought I would try an auction site & look for some Gold rings.

And WOW – the auction sites have some cheap rings – the pictures looked awesome, they were real gems, real gold – and they were only going to cost me $30 each ring to bring in to New Zealand (and that included shipping, customs & tax). I thought – “wohooo I’m on to a gold-mine here! I can sell these things for hundreds of dollars!!”, and straight away I bought 3 rings from the one supplier. I mean – what could go wrong (after all the seller had a fantastic trader rating)?!?!?

WELL – when I got the rings (and the shipping was great – the rings arrived within 2 weeks), but when I opened the package the smug grin I’d been wearing for the last couple of weeks vanished – the gold was so thin you could have only worn them twice, the jewels were real – but they looked fake, were very badly cut & certainly didn’t glisten in the sunlight! (Needless to say I did not make my millions from that venture).

Now – don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying don’t buy off auction sites (I’ve bought some stunning pieces of jewellery since then for fantastic prices) – just be careful (and use any pictures that they have as a guidance – the actual product may look completely different).
Don’t rush into a purchase and buy a bulk load of goods. Purchase 1 ring – take note of how it is described, and do a full inspection when you get it. If it’s a good buy – purchase in bulk. If not – you haven’t wasted too much money.

And… this rule doesn’t apply only to online auctions. It also applies to online stores.
You don’t know whom is running the stores, and you can’t visually see the goods (pictures may lie).
Don’t take up the “buy in bulk & save loads of money” offer, or you may be kissing your hard earned moola away. Buy small – check out the goods, then go back for more.

My second piece of advice – Don’t always go for the cheapest jewellery on the internet (but certainly don’t go for the most expensive). Generally the cheaper the jewellery, the lower the quality of the product. Even if you are purchasing for resale, you want to be able to sell the product with honesty and integrity (I mean – if you think the ring is junk, you really shouldn’t be selling it for a high price).

My third piece of advice – check out the jewellery store onine. Do a search on google, and see if anything bad comes up. Believe it or not I got scammed out of $US650 recently when I bought some bulk nappies for resale off an auction site and they didn’t show – I did a search on the manufacturer afterwards to find 269,000 results which showed other people had been scammed) – if only I’d done that before wasting my money (which I still haven’t got back by the way – so I’m not talking about that!!).
The one thing to remember during your search, is that some of the people giving the bad reports may be competitors (but I can assure you if you get 269,000 hits – SOMETHING IS WRONG!!)