Gold Jewellery – Should I Buy 9K or 24K?

More than just a price tag difference!

Most of us understand jewellery at an emotional level… we understand how it makes us feel, but little about how it is made and the materials it is made from. In fact, it is common and natural for us to judge a piece of jewellery more by its price tag (with cheaper jewellery being less desirable and more expensive jewellery being more desirable) than by all those confusing numbers! However, there’s a lot more to know about jewellery than just how the price tag makes you feel. Today we explore the differences between 9K, 14K, 18K and 24K gold.

What Do the Numbers Mean?

Unlike with gemstones, where karatage refers to weight, in gold the number of karats refers to the purity of the metal. So:

24 karat is pure gold
18 karat is three quarters pure gold, one quarter alloyed with another metal
14 karat is 14 parts out of 24 parts pure gold
9 karat is 9 out of 24 parts pure gold

Any of the not-quite-pure gold types may also be gold plated, but this is uncommon.

In the US, 10 karat is quite common, and 9 karat cannot be found. The karatage standards vary across other countries as well.

Should I Buy 24K Gold Jewellery?

24K gold bars are a good investment, if you are looking to overcome the ups and downs of the traditional stock market. However in jewellery terms, 24 karat is almost never used. It is a very soft metal; you can bend it with your hands. Any pieces of jewellery made from 24K gold would be highly vulnerable to becoming misshapen, simply through normal handling!

Should I buy 18K Gold Jewellery?

18K gold jewellery is the purest gold usually used for jewellery. You’ll find 18K gold jewellery in yellow, rose gold (alloyed with copper) and white gold (alloyed with palladium, or in older jewellery, nickel).

18K jewellery is highly purified, holds value well, and yet is durable and long lasting.

In terms of buying jewellery online, you won’t see any difference on a screen between 18K and 9K gold. The difference when you see them in person is minimal, also.

18K gold jewellery has a Vickers scale reading of 125 for hardness – 9K has a largely equivalent reading of 120. However, look for reputable online jewellery stores if you’re buying 18K jewellery. This metal isn’t as robust and flexible as 9K, as so 18K gold rings may bend out of shape more easily than their cheaper cousins, if they aren’t well constructed.

Should I Buy 14K Gold Jewellery?

14K gold jewellery is a great compromise between purity and durability, and is used especially for finely detailed work like bracelet charms.

Should I buy 9K Gold Jewellery?

9K gold jewellery looks almost identical to 18K gold jewellery, has a similar Vickers hardness score is just a little more robust… and also costs much, much less than 18K gold! Additionally, if you are buying rose gold, 9K will have a richer copper colour than 18K rose gold (although the colour of 18K vs 9K white gold is much the same). 9K is a reliable purchasing option from online jewellery stores, giving you plenty of options and the ability to get much larger gemstones or jewellery pieces for your dollar.

Online Shopping for Jewellery

A lot of people are now buying jewellery not to wear it but more like an investment, like some sort of stock. Due to the price of jewellery is rather stable, many people are rushing to grab as many types of jewellery as they can to treat it as an investment. Of course, not everyone is doing this as an investment. Some also do buy jewellery to wear it.

Normally, people would visit the jewellery stores nearest in the neighbourhood to buy the type of jewellery that they want. They would try on each and every one of them to see if it suits them or not. This takes a lot of times and efforts and due to the limited number of jewellery in the store itself, most of the time, they might not be able to find the designs and styles of their interests. Well, you do not have to go through this anymore as the advancement of technology has been very beneficial to the shopper in you.

Nowadays, a lot of virtual shops are available in the Internet for people to browse through their collections and products. Online shopping has been on the verge of explosion as more and more businessmen and entrepreneurs are taking advantages of online marketing and do their products sales through the Internet. There are online stores selling the latest fashion trends, health products, accessories, and many more. This goes without saying that you can find a lot of Jewellery eStore where you can purchase your favourite jewellery.

What is the benefit of online shopping especially doing jewellery shopping at Jewellery eStore? Well, online shopping provides you the comfort of shopping at your own home, where you can just lay back on the sofas, looking through the jewellery collections and making payments. You do not have to be disappointed like when you do if you do not find jewellery of the designs you like for there are many designs and styles in the collection for you to browse in online shopping. There is surely one design for each and every one of you.

If you are afraid that you might fall into a scheme when making purchases through online shopping, do not worry for there are a lot of online stores that are certified real and authentic. Indeed there are also many websites that prey on unsuspecting victims but you can actually read about the websites, especially its terms and conditions to better understand its procedures.

Buy Jewellery Online – Importance and Value

Jewellery is one of the most favourite accessories for the women. Every woman loves to wear unique designed jewellery while undergoing make-ups to transform their looks. This tradition is not a new one and has been there since the early ancient ages.

During the ancient times, not only women loved to wore jewellery but also the opposite gender. Yes, it is true that women had a wider range of options in comparison to men while choosing jewellery but men also loved to wore like bangles, finger rings, ear rings, arm bands, etc.

However, as time passed by, the men slowly separated themselves from wearing them as a newer feeling took birth.

As a result, the concept of wearing jewellery by both men and women got diminished and only females enjoyed the tradition of wearing different sort of jewellery in order to make their looks more stunning.

The new era doesn’t think of such rubbish acts and believes in “wear what you feel like” attitude. Men, like the ancient ages, nowadays, get involved in wearing many types of jewellery to feature for some great style statement. Some of the most common that the men love to wear are angles, earrings, neck chains, wrist bracelets, finger rings, etc.

Although during the ancient time, the jewellery has been made from expensive materials like gold, silver and from expensive stones like diamond, pearl, ruby, etc. but the same cannot be said in the present era. The expensive ones like gold, silver, diamond, pearl all are available and people also like to buy them, but people mostly don’t feel safe to wear such expensive jewellery all the time. As a result, they love to avail those pieces that are mainly said imitation ones and are some sort of fine made replica of original material. These items are much popular among the younger generation and are available widely at various ornaments and jewellery shops.

By the way, if you have a knack of collecting unique jewellery items, then visiting one store from another may be boring and time consuming one. It will also be of extremely strenuous for your body and mind. Therefore, if you know the functioning of operating the internet, then you can definitely search for some unique jewellery online. There are wide ranges of online jewellery stores available from which you can choose your collection while you face absolutely no restrictions of time. You select your favourite choices along with brands and then proceed forward to buy jewellery online through card payments or even sometimes payment on delivery scheme

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The existence of conflicts in marriage this is not something new and finding a marriage that does not have conflicts can be very difficult. It is very hard to ignore the fact that people can learn from some of the challenges they face them marriages and also find growth whenever they overcome them. It is however important to understand that there are some conflicts that can result between two spouses and therefore there is a great need for them to acquire the services of a marriage counselor to enable them find a solution to solve the problems they face. Sometimes it can be quite difficult for one spouse to understand the other or even for one particular relationship to understand the other in this is one of the challenges that people face in relationships and marriages besides infidelity. Sometimes there are instances where spouses fight over some trivial issues that could be solved so easily. Acquiring the services of a marriage counselor or even a relationship counselor is very important and therefore, you should ensure that you consider hiring a marriage counselor whenever you are facing some challenges in your marriage.

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The desire of each individual is to ensure that their marriages work on this is the exact thing that marriage counselors can enable you to achieve require the services. The kind of techniques and listening skills marriage counselors possess can be of great benefit in trying to solve some of the problems you have. Marriage counselors will make you understand that a divorce is not a solution but rather conflict resolution is always the genesis of a happy marriage.

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